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Island Energy Advantages

In today's complicated world, Island Energy simplifies your energy needs and takes the stress out of heating and cooling your home.  We have created a suite of programs to ensure all of your energy and service needs are met and provide you with ways to save.  


Automatic Delivery Service


Warm and Worry-Free with Automatic Delivery

Relax and enjoy the winter with our Automatic Delivery service. Our scheduling system keeps up with the weather and tracks your usage patterns to ensure that your tank has the appropriate amount of heating oil you will need all season long.  Sign-up for automatic Delivery and receive a $0.10 per gallon credit redeemable at the end of the heating season.

Is your household changing? If you choose Automatic Delivery, be sure to let us know of any significant changes in your living conditions which may affect your heating oil consumption. For example, you:

  • Are extending your time on the island

  • Have a new baby 

  • Are keeping the heat higher and using more hot water 

  • Installed an addition to your home and are now heating more area

  • Are working from home more frequently

  • Have new roommates, residents or elderly parents living with you

  • Are away and set the heat at a temperature higher than normal


Will Call Delivery


You are in Control with Will Call 

Do not be overwhelmed by unexpectedly large heating bills. Island Energy's Will Call Delivery Program puts you in charge. Simply check your tank regularly during the heating season and then call us at (508) 696-5959 to schedule your deliveries. It is that easy!

We recommend that our Will Call customers place an order with us when the tank is approximately 1/4 full. How much heating oil is in the tank? The heating oil gauge is located on the top of your oil tank. The fraction level with the top of the float within the gauge indicates how full the tank is.


Will Call customers can save money! To earn a $0.10 per gallon credit redeemable at the end of the heating season, just place orders at least 3 days in advance and buy 150 gallons or more each time.


Advanced Technology Advantages


We provide our valued customers with the ability to communicate with us, and constantly monitor their accounts, from their laptops or on their mobile devices.  Island Energy will save you time and money and takes the stress out of this process.  Customers are able to go on their computers or mobile devices to:


  • Check Pricing

  • Place Orders

  • Review Their Account Information

  • Pay Bills

  • Check Fuel Levels


You can download our IOS or Android Mobile App at the App Store or on Google Play.

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