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Save time and money with our Direct Fueling service!

Many businesses on Martha's Vineyard rely on Island Energy's Direct Fueling service for high-quality on-road and off-road diesel fuel. We deliver direct to you, so your business can save money and increase productivity.


Clean, High Quality Fuel Delivered Direct to Your Business
Island Energy knows that dirty fuel costs you time and money, so we deliver only high quality Diesel One™ fuel. Diesel One™ is specially formulated to help maintain regular fuel consumption, extend engine life, maximize cold weather operability, and lower maintenance costs. Avoid engine failures caused by clogged filters and headaches caused by low-grade fuels with Island Energy's on-site direct fueling of Diesel One™. Our customers notice the difference!


Send your crew to work, not to the gas station.  Call us today at (508) 696-5959 to become a Direct Fueling customer.

Send your crew to work, not the gas station.
Call us today at (508) 696-5959 to become a direct fueling customer.

Save time and money with our On-Site Fleet Fueling service.

We come to you and deliver high quality on-road diesel fuel for trucks and off-road diesel fuel for heavy equipment. By using our On-Site Fleet Fueling service, your business will save time and increase productivity:


  • No wasted time at the gas station because we deliver at your location

  • High-quality fuel reduces down-time and extends engine life

  • Convenient scheduling because we deliver after hours

  • Simplified administrative process with easy fuel cost tracking and invoicing


Once you use Island Energy's On-Site Fleet Fueling service, you will never go to the gas station for diesel fuel again!




Gas Station on Wheels.jpg

With Island Energy's On-Site Fueling service, fueling your fleet and equipment has never been easier. Call (508) 696-5959 to learn more.

Marine Fueling Service

Island Energy is permitted for Marine Fueling Service in Edgartown Harbor, Oak Bluffs Marina and Tisbury (limited). We have specially configured equipment to deliver high-quality marine diesel fuel directly to your boat.




We send text messages notifying our customers when we'll be fueling in each harbor. Call us at (508) 696-5959 to get on the distribution list.

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