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Island Energy keeps you warm and safe. 

At Island Energy, our goal is to keep you warm and safe throughout the heating season. We do this by keeping your heating oil tank filled and your heating system functioning at peak efficiency.


We supply our customers with Heating Oil Plus™, a proprietary, high performance heating oil. Heating Oil Plus is specially formulated to make your energy dollar more productive by optimizing the performance of your heating system. When you choose Island Energy for your heating oil, you can rest assured that you are buying clean fuel at fair prices. 


Our local, friendly staff is here to help you with any questions you may have about heating oil delivery, service or systems sales and installation. Our efficient on-line system allows customers to check prices, place orders, review their accounts and pay bills with the click of a mouse.















Warm and worry free with Automatic Delivery

Relax and enjoy the winter with our Automatic Delivery service. Our scheduling system keeps up with the weather and tracks your usage patterns to ensure that your tank has the appropriate amount of heating oil you will need all season long.

Our state-of-the-art automated delivery system is based on 'degree days'. A degree day is the average temperature of the day subtracted from 65. With this information, we assign specific consumption factors (K-factors) to you. These are based on your heating oil usage (for heat, or for heat and hot water), the size of your home, and your living habits. We can then accurately determine when you are due for your next delivery.


Is your household changing? If you choose Automatic Delivery, be sure to let us know of any significant changes in your living conditions which may affect your heating oil consumption. For example, you:

  • have a new baby and are keeping the heat higher and using more hot water for baths

  • installed an addition to your home and are now heating more area

  • are working from home more frequently

  • have new roomates, residents or elderly parents living with you

  • are away and set the heat at a temperature higher than normal

Automatic Delivery customers receive a $0.10 per gallon credit redeemable at the end of the heating season.

You are in control with Will Call Delivery


Do not be overwhelmed by unexpectedly large heating bills. Island Energy's Will Call Delivery program puts you in charge. Simply check your tank regularly during the heating season and then call us at (508) 696-5959 to schedule your deliveries. It is that easy!

We recommend that our Will Call customers place an order with us when the tank is approximately 1/4 full. How much heating oil is in the tank? The heating oil gauge is located on the top of your oil tank. The fraction level with the top of the float within the gauge indicates how full the tank is.




Will-call customers can save money! To earn a $0.10 per gallon credit redeemable at the end of the heating season, just place orders at least 3 days in advance and buy 150 gallons or more each time.

Savings programs that really add up!

Prompt Pay Discount

Save $0.10 per gallon when you pay within 10 days of delivery.


Automatic Delivery & Advance Notice Discount

Choose automatic delivery status or order 150 gallons or more with 3-days notice and receive a $0.10 per gallon account credit redeemed at the end of the heating season.


Parts and Service Savings
Island Energy heating oil customers save 10% on all parts and service.


Spread the Word and Save!

Tell your friends about Island Energy and receive a $25 account credit for each new customer referral. Your account credit is applied when your referral purchases 125 gallons or more of heating oil from us.


Fuel Assistance 

Island Energy works with customers who are eligible for fuel assistance programs. We can even help coordinate your application to the various fuel assistance plans available.


SmartPay Payment Plan

Don't want to be hit with high heating oil bills in the winter months? Then take advantage of our SmartPay payment plan. Based on past usage and current heating oil prices, we estimate your annual costs and split them into 10 equal payments, enabling you to plan for your heating oil costs.


Pre-Buy Plan

When you choose our Pre-Buy Plan, we guarantee the price of your heating oil for the upcoming heating season. You lock out price fluctuations and build in price predictability. Just pre-buy your order by August 10th for the coming heating season.


Price Cap Plan

We guarantee the price of your heating oil will never exceed our price cap. This plan will protect you against volatile heating oil prices during the heating season.


Island Energy is committed to providing you with quality heating oil and service at fair prices. We offer a wide range of programs to help you save money, so call us today to learn more.


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